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Sizes of Pasante Condoms

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The following charts clearly compare full range of Pasante products,
Pasante Regular
Pasante Naturelle
Pasante Trim
Pasante Large
Pasante King Size
Pasante Climax
Pasante Mixed Flavours
Pasante Tropical Flavours
Pasante Sensitive
Pasante Unique
Pasante Sensiva
Pasante Halo
Pasante Rider
Pasante Glow In The Dark
Pasante Dual Pleasures
Pasante Unique
Pasante Ribbed
Pasante Dotted
Pasante Ribs & Dots
Pasante Female Condom
Pasante Extra
Pasante Xtra Sensitive
Pasante Cooling Sensation
Pasante Warming Sensation
Pasante Delay