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History Of The Condom

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History Of The Condom


The Egyptians have been pioneers in the use of condoms for protection against sexually trasmitted diseases . The first historical mention of use of condoms (in the form of a linen sheath) dates back to as early as 1000 BC! Paintings and ancient writings hint at the possibility of condoms being used also in Europe, especially Rome around 100- 200 AD.

Perhaps the spread of syphilis , a sexually transmitted disease across Europe around the 1500s prompted for the invention of the condom . A simple sheath made out of linen was claimed to prevent spread of the infection. Such sheaths were soaked in a chemical solution and later allowed to dry, paving the way for incorporation of the first spermicides on condoms. The use of condoms for contraception is nothing more than an extrapolation ofcondom functionality.

The word ‘condum ‘ was first used in a poem composed at around 1706. The invention of thecondom is still controversial. Several reports suggest that the device is named after Dr. Condom who lived during the reign of Charles II. condoms made out of animal intestines were available around 1700 AD. However, cost concerns limited the wider usability of this simple device.

The 1800s saw a rapid progress both in the production and utilization of the condom . The development of a process called vulcanisation (process which converts rubber into a strong yet elastic material), accompanied by a parallel development in the economic and social grounds in Europe and US have been responsible for the glory the condom enjoys today.

In 1861, advertisements for promoting the use of condoms were first published in an American newspaper. Legal acceptance for condom usage as a form of birth control through the Comstock Law (named after Anthony Comstock) ensured a thriving market for the condom.

Until the 1920’s, most condoms were manufactured by a traditional technique of hand dipping from rubber cement. condoms produced in this way had a short shelf life and compromised on quality. The hand dipping procedure from natural latex rubber was soon introduced, which ensured the production of odorless, thin condoms with longer storage period. American manufacturers were at that time producing nearly 1.5 million condoms.

Only in 1957 was the first lubricated condom launched in UK. The condom has traveled a long way from what it was to the colored and flavoured forms, which exist as of date. condoms are now available at an optimal thickness and in a variety of sizes, shapes, widths, and lengths.

It is true that the development of the oral contraceptive pill , other forms of contraceptionsuch as coil and loop, and innovations in surgical techniques for birth control have somewhat eroded the popularity of the condom. However, the ever-increasing rate of sexually trasmitted diseases, more specifically AIDS , and the rising figures of teenage pregnancyhave restored the condom its previous importance.

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