Protex Latex Free 0.02 Condoms Pack of 12


Protex Non Latex (Hypoallergenic), lubricated polyurethane, straight walled condoms

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Protex Non latex condoms are lubricated with a teat end. Protex Condoms are  0.02mm thick  (normal condoms are 0.07mm) which gives a much better feeling and sensation. They come in a  sturdy “Butter Dish” type packet and the condom is presented teat end up making it easier to get the condom the correct way up!


Width : 56mm (65mm flared head)
Length : 190mm
Thickness : 0.02mm


Protex non latex condoms are part of the EXS condom range being offered by LTC Healthcare.
LATEX (alergy) free, polyurathane condoms.


Protex Condom Safety

Prortex condoms are CE Marked.



Protex –  additional features

Polyurathane is a type of thin clear plastic. Polyurethane condoms transmit heat better than other condoms. This warming sensation can help to increase pleasure.

There is no smell.

Silicone Lubricated For Comfort.

Suitable for vaginal, oral or anal sex

Supplied to the NHS since 1993

Sold in 27 countries throughout the world.

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Non Latex, Thin, Ultra Thin

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Regular Size

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